2017 Impartial (Tally) Committee Report

William Hall (Head Teller)

January 11, 2017


In the first letter of elections sent to all owners, it had encouraged owners to make sure their voter's certificate was on file in the office and that they know who the designated voter is for their unit. Before the date of the election, the voting certificates book was checked to make sure all current voting certificates are present. The voting certificate is a crucial tool used by the impartial committee to validate the outer envelopes as it designates the owner who is entitled to cast the vote on behalf of that particular unit.

Election Day

On election day, the impartial committee met at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse to begin the validation process. First the committee arranged the enveopes in numerical order as the roster and the voting certifcates are in numerical order. The committee members validated the outer envelopes using the voting certificates for those applicable units and are checked off from the owner's roster thus indicating those units had voted.


The impartial committee was once more successful this year by conducting the election in an acceptable and timely manner as we had completd the election process by 9:36 pm. The total units that voted were 148 with no disregarded outer envelopes due to its exterior information. However, there was one inner envelope had a bank statement instead of a ballot. The committee was about to conduct the election in a productive manner by having a full complement of impartial committee members. Thanks to all those on the impartial (tally) committee who helped with this year's annual election.