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D.B.O.T. December Towers Journal Online
The Towers Journal 12.16.2017

Hello and Warm Winter Wishes,
For those of you who are here in residence you have seen that we have been extremely busy with the day-to-day operations as well as completing and initiating several projects. My goal as your President, along with those Board of Directors who are cooperating with our goal, is to ensure the operational needs are met and completed in the most efficient, both timely and financially, manner possible. The following should assist with keeping you up-to-date as disproving any lies or rumors being told. If you are hearing anything on the contrary to my updates, I encourage you and beg of you to contact us directly to discuss before believing the falsehoods. This is a lengthy update, as we have been extremely busy the past few weeks! Due to months of neglect on several items, I fully expect our To Do list to be long for quite some time; please be patient as we plan to inform each of you on the ongoing progress of our home. We welcomed our new Property Manager Ryan, with SENTRY Management with open arms on December 1. In a little over a week he was able to begin the enormous task of working hard to get our affairs in order. Multiple projects have been ongoing, others neglected for months and others that he brings a fresh lens to assist us as Board of Directors with seeing and ensuring we are following the statutes and what is in the best interest of all of you, owners. Working through our Property Manager, Bernie Swenson, Dave Aull and I have allowed him and staff to work diligently on the following projects:


As previously reported, we have been experiencing increased vandalism to our property. In recent weeks the vandalism has minimized and the repairs have been completed if not, in progress. Example: Vandalism to the metal railing along the steps to the beach from our pool deck – this railing has now been replaced as a vandal sawed this off in the dark of night. However, I must address one very important topic: If you See Something, Say Something. If someone before you has propped a door open, please take the time to secure our building and close the door behind you. If residents are locked out of our building do not let them in unless you personally know them or are willing to confirm identity and residency using ID. We recently had two individuals trespassed from our property, these individuals were simply “let in” on multiple occasions, not to anyone’s fault or bad intention, and did not belong or reside here. In an effort to avoid further damage to a unit and safety of our residents, we acted swiftly with law enforcement and owner to have these individuals removed. We must not take our own individual safety and the safety of our residents for granted. This is your home, our home and we must not make assumptions. With that said, please have a plan in place if you lock yourself out of the building. Have neighbors available to you via cell phone who may be willing to assist you if needed.Think Safely and Think Smart.

UPCOMING EVENT: Board Member Education Certification Class has been booked for January 13, 2018. This class will provide all elected board members and any owners who desire to attend, the opportunity to complete a division approved educational curriculum for condominium association business. Topics covered will include Community Operations, Budgets & Reserves, Records Access, and Bids and Contracts. More information to be posted.

I am personally thankful to have owners and members of the BOD step up to assist with various projects, with no other interest in mind except to serve for the betterment of our building. While some have refused to work with us and continue to work against us, we will continue to move forward. We will continue to address what is necessary and what is needed. In such a short period of time, we have a tremendous increase in productivity and positive business results. We will continue to complete work as our Property Manager guides us as well as depend on the expertise of experts for said projects. We will continue to operate as a business and as a result I fully expect the savings to be passed on to each of us homeowners.

I am wishing you and yours the very best at this special time of year of merriment and wonder! Our halls are decked with Christmas Cheer and we are wishing you all the Hope, Wonder, and Happiness that the Season can bring! 

Christina Honeycutt

DBOT President

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