The Administration Handbook was updated in March 2016

Towers Rules and Regulations from 2016

The Towers is a residential condominium, not a motel or resort. Our rules are strictly enforced. Please help us make your stay an enjoyable and pleasant one. Please consult Channel 98 or 703 for digital on the TV and notices in the elevator for information about activities at The Towers. All communications, comments, complaints, request for repair services, and purchase of keys or garage door genies must go through the Front Desk.

Pool Information


9:00 AM TO 10:00 PM SUMMER

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM WINTER

  1. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  2. No food or glass containers are allowed in the pool area.

  3. No drinks of any kind are allowed within four (4) feet of the large pool's curbing.

  4. No pets are allowed in the pool area except service or assistance animals.

  5. No running or bikes are permitted in the pool area.

  6. No floats, balls, Frisbees, etc except Lifesaving swimming aids, are allowed in the pool.

  7. Shower each time before entering the pool, sand and tar must be removed at the shower area after entering from the beach.

  8. No diving into the pool and no jumping in the vicinity of others. Pool rope may be removed to swim laps, but must be returned to proper position when finished.

  9. Young children must were snug fitting leak-proof protective garments.

  10. No one with an open sore is permitted in the pool.

  11. Sand and tar must be removed from your feet (footwear) before entering the building.

  12. Trash should be disposed of properly in the trash containers.

  13. Chairs and lounges may not be "reserved" for those out of pool area more than 30 minutes.

  14. Earphones must be used with audio/video devices.

  15. Table umbrellas must be closed after usage.

  16. Smoking is not permitted around the pool and on Towers Property with the exception to the designated areas.

  17. Do not admit unknown persons from the beach. Pool occupancy is limited to 31 persons.